Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nubar "Indigo Illusion"

Just look at that bottle!!!

I was very pleased to find this in the mail a few days ago! In the bottle, the polish reminds me of my favorite flower, "Indian paintbrush", also known as"Prairie fire". I couldn't wait to get it on my nails!

Once this polish was on my nails I was reminded of Wet n' wild's "Grey anatomy". I do think I prefer this version to the WW, as the Nubar seems packed with pigment and the purple has a hidden red shimmer to it. As far as duochromes go, this one is not very subtle, showing off its color shift at every moment. I love it! I keep moving my hands around, watching the beautiful colors. The description for this polish is " opaque indigo blue shimmer with a purple flash". Truthfully I see more green than blue, but it is still beautiful nontheless!

 I have limited experience with Nubar polishes, but already can tell that it is pretty much great. Application was easy, as you can see I have very little that got on the cuticles. I didn't have time to clean up after I put it on last night, and I don't think it really needs it! It dries quickly which is always preferrable. It starts off a little sheer, but the polish settles nicely and wasn't streaky. A second coat made it opaque and I didn't feel the need to add another layer! I topped it off with Essie "Good to go" top coat, and so far the staying power of the polish has been excellent. I did the dishes and gave the baby a bath and only have one noticeable area of tip wear!

So many colors!
I wish I could show how pigmented the purple/red color shift is... It seems a little rougher in the transition, which I really like! In certain lights the whole nail can appear green, or purple.
Hard to capture all green!
Other times you get the full cascade all at once!

With flash
When I took a picture with flash I found the Indigo. The nailpolish never actually looks like in this picture in normal light, though, so it isn't a fair representation of what to expect. Still, so pretty! I am very happy to own this polish, and I think I will definitely be checking out more Nubar in the future!!

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