Friday, June 7, 2013

Nfu-oh # 51 is the purple of my dreams!

Glorious, isn't it!?

I have decided to start this blog with my favorite polish I own, Nfu-oh #51. Review after the jump!

 In the bottle it is a vibrant purple filled with iridescent flakes. In the right light, as you can see, the bottle shows green, blue, orange and reddish. They are suspended in a lovely violet jelly base. It goes on very sheer at first, but as you build it becomes a beautiful, glowing purple. I only wish more of the colors seen in the bottle came out on the nail. I have heard this polish is a near dupe for Clarin's "230", or Max factor "Fantasy fire". I think I prefer this one from the swatches I have seen, as I love anything flakie and this is packed with them!
I decided to use CG "Fairy dust" for a base, to give an extra pop. You can't see it in the pictures but it has created a subtle holo glimmer deep within this mani! In the first picture I have 3 coats on, and the second I have 4, covered with Essie Good to go top coat. The polish is pretty easy to apply and cleanup was minimal.It used more of the bottle than I would like on just the one manicure, but I plan on keeping this for special occasions! I am not exaggerating when I say this polish fairly glows. I love that the jelly catches the light so well! I have noticed around the tips it almost looks blue at times. It keeps finding new ways to surprise me, which is awesome!
Four coats here!

 I just recently acquired this lemming from I ordered #51 and #59. I accidentally ordered the wrong number at first, and shot them an email in the hopes they could fix the order before it shipped. They were great with their customer service, replying the same night I emailed them and fixing the mistake! The package got to me faster than I expected, and they included a mini bottle of their Dreams zodiac collection. Surprisingly they got the month right, sending me Libra! I highly recommend checking out their site, they carry other lines as well as Nfu-oh and I plan on buying more from them! Unfortunately the Opal line has been discontinued by Nfu-oh, so supplies are limited. However I did email the guys at fabuloustreet asking about locating some of the harder to find ones and was told the line is being replaced, though they are not sure if the polishes we be similar or not. Here is hoping because I would love to get my hands on #53 and #60!!


#51 & #59

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