Friday, June 7, 2013

Lucky goldfish by Kunimitsu!

My first indie!
I finally took the plunge and ordered an indie! I am happy to say everything went smoothly.

For my first indie I was drawn to this lovely polish. The base is a sheer blue "crelly", with tons of deep gold round glitter. The polish applies well, with plenty of glitter distributed without much effort. At first it is very sheer but within 3-4 coats you get the lovely deep blue in the pictures. It definitely has depth that my camera cannot pick up! I covered it with a coat of Essie "Good to go" top coat and saw no wear between application and removal, even though I did dishes! 

I wish my camera could show the depth here!

Kunimitsu also included a lovely loose glitter in the package, which looks almost holographic! It actually reminds me of the large round circle glitter found in Different Dimension "Orion Nebula" or Emily de Molly "Cosmic Forces". I will have to play around with those at a later date. She was friendly, contacted me to make sure everything was in order and the polish was delivered very quickly. Perfect first indie experience!!!

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