Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nail mail!

Today I recieved two beautiful polishes in the mail from my favorite little corner of reddit, Random acts of polish. I got gifted Nubar "Indigo Illusion" and Orly "Sparkling Garbage"!

Both of these polishes are really pretty in the bottle. Indigo Illusion has a beautiful color shift and I love my one other Nubar, "Reclaim". I can't wait to try this polish out, but I want to leave the Nfu-oh #51 mani from yesterday on for a while longer.

"Indigo Illusion" in room light.
Still, I couldn't help myself and threw Sparkling garbage over it ... and it's gorgeous!! I am mesmerized by the rainbow holograph. In the bottle you can see sparkles even in the lowest of room light, and happily the effect is retained on the nail. It applied evenly, and dried into a nice thin layer, unlike some glitter polish. I was pleased that it wasn't goopy, and even with the polish from the previous manicure my nails are not too thick now! I put on Essie "Good to go" topcoat and it really brought out the shine in the glitter.

"Sparkling Garbage" in outside lowlight.

"Sparkling garbage" in the bottle with flash.

Please check back soon for the reviews of these polishes, and many more!

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