Monday, June 24, 2013

Back from vacation!

I had a great time visiting family this past week, but now I am ready to really dive into getting this blog legit! In the next few weeks I hope to get together a light box and I am working on several different nail ideas. In the meantime I appreciate the readers who see past these humble beginnings! I have many wonderful polishes to show off from my time in Houston, but for now I want to show you my mani!

Tonight's manicure has been one of those all day affairs. It started out with me wanting to test my new Mentality polish, the pro- marijuana rights color "Enlighten". This color appears holographic in flash lighting but you rarely see it in natural light. Still, I think it is pretty. It's a shimmery copper color with a slight duochrome shift towards yellow, with a dusky appearance, almost. I don't own anything else like it, but I would liken it to a penny. I then sponged on Urban outfitter's "After hours", a beautiful pink/tan scattered holograph microglitter. It has some barely darker pink glitters scattered throughout, but it is hard to capture them. I haven't done many successful gradients but I really liked the effect, and the colors played well together.

In direct sunlight to show the scattered holographic glitter!

Seems like some manicures develop slowly over time. I was content with my shimmery tips... for a short while! Then I got the urge to try sponging my new Finger paints, "Colorful Collage". This polish is a clear base packed with small and medium holographic hexes. It is beautiful, and catches the light with ease.

With flash.

This combination reminds me of Britney Spear's nude pantsuit with the diamond detail! Odd association but I can't shake it.

This looks uncomfortable!

And then... I mattified it with my Hot Topic Matte coat, the only one I own. And man did it make the depth apparent! I love the effect sponging has! I am normally wearing dark nails so these feel a little more glitzy than usual, but I am enjoying them so far. The holographic hexes appear almost mother of pearl when they are matte, I really love the appearance of creamy rainbow shining through. 

Mother of pearl encrusted!

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