Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just a sneak peek!

I really love this!
Would you like a quick look at the polish review I have in the works?

This was me when I opened the package today!

I received my first blogger review pack from Literary Lacquers today, and I was too excited not to share! I threw all 4 polishes on top of my "Ink" mani, and couldn't resist trying out my new gemstones too. To my pleasant surprise, it's a really cute skittle mani! I am writing this post a few hours later and I am happy to say that the gemstones are holding strong, although I was very quick about applying them and only used one coat of seche on top. 

On my thumb and pinkie I am wearing "If it pleases you", pointer is "Love in idle-ness", middle finger is "Midsummer night's dream" and my ring finger is "Mina". 

Just look at that amazing linear holo effect! "If it pleases you" is definitely one of my favorite holos I own now.


"Midsummer night's dream reminds me of fireflies at dusk! 

I hope you are as excited by these lovely polishes as I am... You can definitely expect official reviews of these beauties within a few days! In regards to that, do you prefer 4 individual posts or a singular long post with all 4 reviewed within? Please let me know in comments! If this post was enough to pique your interest, you can check out Literary lacquer's Etsy here, or like her facebook here!

I am so excited to be officially reviewing for indie makers now - I have a few more in the works that are pretty amazing! I can't wait to show you, dear readers, so make sure and check back or follow me so you won't miss out!

Me right now!

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