Friday, July 19, 2013

Mint Mani for Talia!

I wanted to participate in today's mint manicures for Talia, the lovely 13 year old makeup guru who recently lost her fight with cancer.

I don't own any mint greens so I frankened this lovely shade from Essie "Naught Nautical" and Sally Hansen "Without a stitch". I think I will be picking up a mint green sometime soon, because I love this shade!

I just couldn't help myself and threw a new indie glitter I just got from a swap on top of it! "Lovely Lilacs" by Darling Diva polish. Lilac hex, silver squares and green octagons suspended in a clear base. This glitter goes perfectly with the mint!

And then I had to matte it! So creamy, and the glitter still seemed shiny to me.

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