Saturday, July 20, 2013

My perfect manicure, take 2!

I had written about this polish combination in the past (post here), but I really wanted to revisit it with more care and time put into it! I had just gotten back from a road trip before the last post and really just threw it on as a bit of polish therapy. This time I really took my time and enjoyed it. I present to you my most favorite combination, Enchanted Polish "Magical Mystery Tour" and Nfu-oh #50! 

The duochrome! Holo glitter! Those flakies! I can hardly contain myself!!!

"Magical Mystery tour" is a dream to apply. I like to use undies so I don't waste a drop, so first I applied a black creme. After that I spread two thin coats of MMT and spent a few minutes dazzled by the color show on my hands! This polish really lives up to the word "multi-chrome"! I also love the tiny holographic specks that shine throughout. It is hard to find a polish as well rounded as this! 

Trying to capture the teal - blue - purple - pink shifts!

So much pink!

This polish makes me wanna boogie!
After a few minutes of playing around, I topped it with the beautiful Nfu-oh #50. I dabbed the first layer, then brushed on a thin second, sealing it all with seche vite.


I am so sad the opal line has been discontinued, flakies are the best things ever! This one has teal and blue flakes suspended in a lavendar jelly base. In the bottle it looks light purple, but on the nail it is a whole other picture! I was worried the Nfu would mess up the color shift, but you can still see the full effect underneath a sea of teal blue flakies. Very exciting!

I love this so much!

Flakie goodness!

If I had to only wear one manicure the rest of my life, I would choose this! Do you have an all time favorite manicure? I would love to hear about it... please comment and share! Thanks for reading my blog, see you next time!

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