Thursday, July 25, 2013

OPI "Ink" and a peek at my nail rack!

I have reviewed a lot of indies lately, so I figured I would take a look at an OPI this post...and how I keep my favorite polishes stored!

Today I want to share with you what I use to organize my collection. After keeping my nail polish in shoe boxes for years, I needed a better way to view all my pretties! I went looking for spice racks that I could repurpose for nail polish on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised to find that they carry actual polish racks. I got one for around 40$ that holds 96 polishes in all, and can be wall mounted! I haven't found the perfect place to put it yet so I still have it on the ground, I just make sure it is at an angle and with enough wall support that it is not under strain. If you are interested in purchasing this rack, you can find it here!

While these are not all the polish I own, this is what I would call my "Top shelf" items.

My precious!!

The first two shelves are dedicated to incredible formula, inspiration and brand - this is where indies and special polishes go to play. 
Third shelf are all great retail polishes with awesome formula and colors, like Zoya and Color club. Fourth rack holds something special! This is where the frankens I own live. Most of them are ones I have created, though I do have two that were gifted to me by wonderful ladies I know! I also have my Adventure Time collection here, purchased for me by my boyfriend. They are so cute, though I haven't tried them at all yet so no word about the formula. 
The bottom two racks are reserved for the "first choice" OPI and China Glaze I own, as well as a few random brands and my top/base coats. As you can see my rack is full now - I think I need another!

I also wanted to share OPI "Ink". I have had this bottle for a while but never got around to trying it... I regret that now! I love deep, rich purples but there are a lot out there that look too similar to bother with. Not "Ink"! The formula is great, with little flooding of the cuticles and it was opaque by 2 coats. I of course put on 3, but I definitely didn't have to. When the light catches it, I am reminded of the purple black ballpoint pens we used in school. They always used to leave ink all over my hands after writing assignments, and I remember it's sharp smell to this day! 

These suckers right here!

This is a beautiful color! It is a very deep purple, nearly black, except for a lovely pink and blue shimmer throughout.  I have been lemming over Illamasqua's "Baptiste" but I feel a little better now that I found this. I am considering trying "Boop-oop-a-dupe" over it later, since that is the main reason I have been wanting "Baptiste". I have read it was a favorite undie for the beloved "Fantasy Fire" or Clarins 230. I think "Ink" will do a fantastic job and I will make sure to show you the results!

Unfortunately it is another overcast day, with only flicks of sun through the clouds... but I tried to get an accurate picture of the color! 

Left: Inside light, Right: Flash

I picked up this bottle at the local Giant Eagle, but you can find it on Amazon here. Do you have a favorite deep purple I should know about? How do you store your polishes? Please comment and let me know!

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