Saturday, July 6, 2013

Enchanted Polish "Magical Mystery tour"

"Roll up for the mystery tour, satisfaction guaranteed!"

I have wanted an Enchanted polish for so long... and it is seriously worthy of the desire! More about "Magical Mystery tour" inside.

I keep thinking I have reached the zenith of my nail polish acquisitions, and then something like this happens. I struck up a conversation with a really lovely gal over on reddit about flakies, which led to an impromptu trade! I offered up Zoya "Maisie" and Finger paints "Motley", and she truly blew me away with her offer in return. I got to choose between "Magical Mystery tour" and "Across the universe", both brand new, and Nfu-oh #50. We all know I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Nfu, so I knew that was one of my choices... which meant I had to choose between the two Enchanteds. After doing extensive googling and research, I found the main different between the two was what shade of blue was a part of the duo-chrome effect. Though truly this is more like a quadruple-chrome. "Across the universe" is considered to shift to a more basic blue, while "Magical Mystery tour" was definitely teal. I personally am a big fan of teal so that made my choice pretty easy!

Today when we got home from a quick road trip to visit family, my package was awaiting me... I eagerly ripped it open, and my jaw dropped. In person this polish is even more glorious than in pictures! Within the bottle you see a smorgasbord of colors. I didn't want to waste a drop of it so I used OPI "Black Onyx" as an undie, with one coat of MMT over it. Application was a dream, with almost no cleanup needed! I had more trouble with the black, as to be expected. the polish settled nicely and didn't leave brush strokes behind. 

This $#!& is BANANAS!

"Enchanted Polish makes the best multichrome holographic polishes, and Magical Mystery Tour is one of this line's top gems...The two main colors are a bright pinkish purple that switches all the way to turquoise green. In between these main hues you get a beautiful medium-light blue with hints of pink."

With Flash - This really shows off the green.

Under my porch light outside - This reveals the pinks! Very hard to capture on camera.

On the nail this polish is truly magical. Constant color shifts appear, with the nail sometimes appearing wholly teal or hot pink, then quickly shifting to a dusky rose or purple. Scattered throughout is a lovely holographic glitter,subtle but definitely there! I must have sat outside under the porch light for 10 minutes just mesmerized! Even my boyfriend was astounded by the quality of the color shift, and we both lamented the fact I couldn't make a video to show you, dear reader. I hope my pictures can convey even a tiny bit of the beauty of this polish. I really must get a hold of more Enchanted Polish!

 It is night currently, so tomorrow I will make sure to take sun pictures and edit this. 

I will review the Nfu-oh #50 as soon as I can bear to part with MMT! Here is a pic as a sneak peak of it's gloriousness! Unfortunately this color is no longer available from, as the line is discontinued. I have heard, however, that Nfu-oh is making a replacement series... I hope they are as amazing as these!

So pretty!

Llarowe shop - Enchanted polish

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