Thursday, July 18, 2013

My first frankens !!

Check them out inside!

I was recently gifted the lovely Butter London "Tart with a heart" by a kind girl over on Reddit. I have read that it was packaged with "The Black Knight" during the holidays. I also remembered seeing this post about franken-duping Black Knight and a premade dupe for Tart with a heart. I realized I had most of the ingredients, so I had to try for myself!

My dupe isn't perfect, but it is really close. I combined OPI "My private jet" ( not the holographic version), Sally Hansen "Rockstar Pink" and a cream black. I also put in what was left of my Wet N Wild "Kaleidoscope".

My unnamed franken!

Swatch from The Polishaholic of The Black Knight

As you can see it really is pretty close! It applies a little thick, but has great coverage and really only needs two thin coats.

I just had to try my "Tart with a heart" over it!

How gorgeous is that!

Next on my franken-list: A black holographic polish. I like Color Club "Beyond" but it was too silvery. I was thinking about it and decided to K.I.S.S - Keep it simple, stupid! I mixed half of the Color Club with OPI "Black Onyx" to create this amazing, creamy, black as black linear holo! I am truly in love. The only way this could be better is if I got a big batch of spectraflair and just mixed that right into a black polish! ( I am tempted!)

Outside in low light

Oh my glob, the holo! With flash

I love frankening! I hope to get my hands on some empty bottles and get serious about this... It is a great way to get through a period of being unable to buy polish. And a great way to recycle colors I might not wear on their own!

Any ideas on names for these two lovelies?

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