Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review of Literary Lacquers - "Lake of shining waters"

Today I am pleased to review a beautiful holographic indie for you!

I was going to pull the quote from the book for this, but Amy at Literary Lacquer already had me beat! 

"They had driven over the crest of a hill. Below them was a pond, looking almost like a river so long and winding was it. A bridge spanned it midway and from there to its lower end, where an amber-hued belt of sand-hills shut it in from the dark blue gulf beyond, the water was a glory of many shifting hues—the most spiritual shadings of crocus and rose and ethereal green, with other elusive tintings for which no name has ever been found. Above the bridge the pond ran up into fringing groves of fir and maple and lay all darkly translucent in their wavering shadows. Here and there a wild plum leaned out from the bank like a white-clad girl tip-toeing to her own reflection. From the marsh at the head of the pond came the clear, mournfully-sweet chorus of the frogs. There was a little gray house peering around a white apple orchard on a slope beyond and, although it was not yet quite dark, a light was shining from one of its windows.

"That's Barry's pond," said Matthew.

"Oh, I don't like that name, either. I shall call it—let me see—the Lake of Shining Waters. Yes, that is the right name for it. I know because of the thrill. When I hit on a name that suits exactly it gives me a thrill. Do things ever give you a thrill?"

"Anne of Green Gables", by Lucy Maud Montomery (1908)

I was lucky enough to receive the amazing "Anne of Green Gables" collection from Literary Lacquer courtesy of my mother. As a child, I devoured the novels about the precocious carrot head, and we watched the movies together many times. The collection comes with 6 inspired polishes, each one beautiful and bursting with memories of my childhood. The first one I decided to try was "Lake of shining waters", described as "...a murky teal linear holographic polish". Both holo and teal are on my list of all time favorite things, so I knew I had to get it on my nails A.S.A.P!

I love the label!

Immediately I was pleased with the application. One coat is sheer but not streaky, and the polish was easy to maneuver with the brush, settling well with no residual brush strokes. It was opaque enough to stop at 2 coats but I like to do three on principle, and I am glad I did! The color is definitely a murky teal that appears packed with pigment, and at 3 coats it feels so rich and smooth. The polish dried quickly on it's own, though I did add a coat of seche vite. I am writing this review a few hours later and I am very pleased with how well it is holding up!

Even with the dim lighting inside the holo was shining through, giving me a hint of what treasures were in store for me in the sun. I took a picture with flash and was quite pleased with the linear holo effect.

Taste the rainbow!

The sun finally broke free of the clouds for a bit, so I took the opportunity to pop out on the back porch and get a few pictures. I was thoroughly dazzled! The holo is strong with a full range of colors visible. Comparable to the strength of the Color club holos (very strong) as opposed to the recent China Glaze line (weak).

My camera did an okay job picking up the color range here, but it was striking in person.

If you have fond memories of Anne of Green Gables, or just love strong holos and beautiful blue-greens, I would recommend you check this polish out! I am so happy with it I am reluctant to take it off... but I am eager to review another one of these lovely polishes! If you would like to find out more about Amy and Literary Lacquers please like her facebook page here or check out her Etsy shop. Thanks for reading and please check back soon for more reviews from this lovely line!

Link to Shining waters listing

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