Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I love swapping!

"A leaf on the wind" is so pretty.

Today I would like to show off some polishes I recieved in a swap!

I recieved this package about a week ago but never got to share. I am frequently found pouring over the Swap/sell/buy subreddit for polishes. It is a nice way to make it through a period of no buy and you can sometimes find some really wonderful stuff.

So many pretties!

I was thrilled to recieve a lovely brown holo, "Belgian chocolate", by Glitter gal Australia. This is the first one I have from this company, but the formula is so nice I am tempted to try to hunt down more! I was very happy to receive my first Literary Lacquers, "Jealous Oberon", inspired by Shakespeare's "Midsummer night's dream". It seems to be a shimmery gold with similarly colored square glitter! I love the cute little label, too.

"Lovely lilacs" is a beautiful topper filled with purple, orange, green and silver glitter of different shapes and sizes. It looked really pretty on top of my previous manicure ( mint for talia), and I even tried it matte!

The next two polishes had me squealing! 

"A leaf on the wind", and "Big city dandy", two polishes from the "Ballad of Syrenity" series by the lovely Lucky 13 lacquers. I have had my eye on this collection for ages now, so I was really excited to get these.

My first Lucky 13's!

I love love love the dice on the label, as I used to play tabletop DnD, and 13 has always been the most luckiest of numbers and my favorite of all. Maybe because I was born on October 13th I am a little partial to it! I also am fond of the round bottles, and the brush  is small but works well. As you can see I could hardly contain myself, and threw "A leaf on the wind" over my mint mani for Talia. I was pleased with the glitter distribution and the smoothness of application - I will have to review this one officially soon!

On my left hand I had sampled "Lovely lilacs" before trying out "A leaf on the wind", resulting in a beautiful layered crelly sandwhich!

One man's garbage is another man's treasure! I like the idea of finding forever homes for polishes I don't love or have only swatched once and now lay, forgotten. If you are interested in swapping, here is my pinterest board of polishes that are up for trade... feel free to make any offer, I am open to negotiations!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these polishes, please visit the following links:

Ballad of Syrenity collection, Lucky 13 lacquer
Glittergal Australia 
Literary Lacquers
Darling Diva Polish

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