Thursday, July 18, 2013

Digital Nails package!


When I got back from my recent trip, I had some really amazing nail mail awaiting me! One of those packages was from the fantastic indie polish maker Digital Nails.

Digital Nails is a handmade polish from a lovely woman down in Texas. Inspired by Science fiction, math and even unicorn flatulence, her shop is full of beautifully crafted polishes! It took ages to decide, but I finally boiled down my choices to two: Bad wolf and the spectraflair topcoat.

Bad wolf is inspired by Rose Tyler, the 10th doctor's companion in Doctor who. Without spoiling too much, Digital nails has really captured the essence of an incredibly powerful moment! I am a huge fan of opalescent glitter and flakies, and this polish definitely has both! I couldn't help myself and threw it over my old manicure, so please excuse the mess. This polish truly glows, capturing the light from within. I want to experiment with undies for this one soon!

Oh Rose....

I have been considering picking up frankening for a while, so naturally I was curious about where to get spectraflair, that fantastic powdered rainbow pigment! Unfortunately it is no longer available to purchase in powdered form, but there are many indie makers who offer a topcoat made with it. I decided to give the one offered by DN a try. It felt a bit like wasting a "space" in my nail purchase at the time, but now I am really glad I bought this!

I am in love! One coat imparts a smattering of rainbows to each nail, but at 3 you get the true linear holo goodness! It does cause a little bit of "graying" to the base color when not under direct light, but the effect is worth it! 

 Raphaelle is so kind, she included this mini sized "Super temp" for free! I really like Donna Noble, another of the 10th doctor's companions, so this was great! Bright orange and full of fire, just like Donna!


I highly recommend checking out this brand! Real reviews coming soon, I promise... I am currently in a financial rut, so I plan on digging into polish I already have to bring you the next few reviews, plus some frankening! 

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