Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years! Let's get to know: The Devil Wears Polish.

For a long time I have been staring longingly at The Devil Wears Polish shop - it's positively bursting with strong linear holos, Multi color shifters and chrome finish polishes. I finally went for it, and boy am I glad!

There have been so many great polishes in 2013, and as the year is drawing to a close I want to showcase a brand that excels in my favorite style of polish. I can't seem to get enough of multi-chromes, linear holo and a metallic or chrome like finish. I'm so glad I finally ordered from her - and Tami even threw in a few extra for me to try! So let's dive into a world filled with metallic rainbows, and start the New Year right!

First of all, the very first thing of all... The Big Bang! It's a dark violet with a bright blue shift and purple downtones. It's also a scattered holo with just a touch of linear curve! 

This is one of the most successful polishes in her shop, according to Tami! I can see why, as it has a very strong look on the nail. I could see a nebula mani using this polish, it has the space vibe going for it. The holo is not as strong as some of her other creations, but it is definitely not sparce! Application is easy peasy, two thin coats covers the nail perfectly. The great part about polish that doesn't need many layers is how quickly it dries, especially with a fast dry topcoat! 

Lady Marmalade is a beautiful Linear Super Chrome, a darker purple base with strong shifts to pink, red, copper and orange. The linear effect is also incredibly strong! 

This is one of those polishes that is a dream to photograph. Without any effort it seems like rainbows leap from the nail, and the color shift just lays itself out right at your feet! I really don't think you need to hear the deal about how great the polish applies (one coat!) or how quickly it dries - just look at these pictures. Do you really need to read anything more?

If that isn't enough holo ultra chrome for you, check out this baby! Linear Ultra Chrome Trio LE No.1 (or LUCT from here on out) is a cyan to purple chroma/spectra masterpiece. I could wear this the rest of my life and be happy! 

I really like how this polish has a metallic finish. It's a nice finishing touch on what is already pretty gangbusters! This two coats, because I like to be sure there are no thin spots for photographs, but I think you could manage with just one if you wanted too. I actually have this on my nails right now for New Years - It's rare I reapply a polish as I am always pressing forward with swatching, but today is special!

I'm pleased to share two pretties from what appears to be an unfurling Hannibal collection - first up is A Nice Chianti, a blood red super holo! 

Well the shop describes it as Magenta but against my super pale (seriously, I'm a vampire) skin it comes out just red enough to escape pink. The holo effect is super strong and sort of an extremely linear scatter, if that makes sense. It also has a metallic finish! Happily, it doesn't stain when you remove it. 

Fava Beans make a perfect addition to the meal! A bean colored green with strong holo, this polish really satisfies.

It's funny when such a strong polish is considered delicate to others in the review - but there is no denying this fresh green brings a whiff of Spring into the mix. While I was looking for title images I was struck with how similar to the actual beans Tami got this color! I think the polish has dark green to lighter green tones, but the holo is so strong it's hard to tell. Not that that is a bad thing... because check out those rainbows. Yum! 

So what do you think? Is that enough Holo Multichrome Linear Whatsit Whosit for you?! I think I am sated... for now! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today, and have a very Happy New Year! 

The Devil Wears Polish -

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