Sunday, December 8, 2013

Five beautiful creations from Crowstoes!

If you are not a "minion" yet, hopefully I can convert you with today's post - come join the murder of Crowstoes fans! Here are 5 polishes of varying style and finish, each as beautiful as the last!

In case you didn't know, a gathering of Crows is called a Murder. 

Let's get started with a rich black holo with red sparkles and black micro glitter - Black Widow.

I could tell from the bottle that Black widow was going to be a stunning holo, but I wasn't expecting the black micro-glitter and the red sparkle. This is another true black without the greying effect from the holo, like Chirality's "Soska". Black widow also has a slight shift to a deep purple in the right lighting, all in all creating a very unique black holo. The application is slightly effected by the glitter, but if you dab each layer then spread to apply evenly you won't have any issues at all! Dry time was quick and the glitter was not a pain to remove. 

I took the Black Widow manicure and I dabbed a single layer of Indian Summer over it to create this absolutely stunning look. 

Wow is a great word for this polish. With strong color shifts from pink to red, blue AND purple, you will always have a different look on your nails. I didn't do anything special to get this color shift - most of these pictures were taken outside! It's just really that strong and amazing all on its own! The formula is great, though I don't think it really needs an undie - you could probably get away with two layers without any underpolish and be just fine. I wore this polish for my son's first birthday, which just passed - it feels special! 

You are here is a black based polish with a mosaic of flecks that look like pictures of galaxies!

I absolutely adore flecky polish, and I wasn't expecting this strong of a color shift from the bottle! As you can see there is a definite shift to blue and purple, as well as the rainbow of colors hidden in the microflakes. This is two layers with a thin coat of Seche Vite fastdrying topcoat. If you are a fan of space polish, this would make a great base for some super nebula nails.

I thought that You are Here would make a great base for the next polish, a holiday themed glitter topper called Jingle Balls.

So many hex of different size and color float in this clear based polish, as well as stars and holographic bar glitter. I dabbed one layer on the You are Here manicure and used a coat of Seche to dry it. Despite the amount of glitter packed into the base, it dried quickly! I did not fish any stars out with my first manicure but when I swatched it on my nail wheel I got a few out. I decided to stick with this mani to make sure to stay true to the consumer experience! Despite the lack of stars this time around, I think it is a beautiful glitter topper! Very Christmas-y - but even if you didn't know or care about Christmas this polish would be an eye pleaser.

Merry Kiss-Me-A@#! is also a holiday themed polish, with colorshifting red to greenish gold flecks in a dark base.

This polish reminds me of a rich brocade or velvet tapestry. You will also see subtle red sparkles play across your nails in different lighting. This polish is definitely unique, and I think it would go really great with a cute black dress for a holiday party! I dabbed and spread two thin layers with a top layer of Seche vite to achieve this look! 

I hope that if you hadn't thought of Crowstoes before, you are inspired to check out more of their awesome work! This is only a fraction of the beautiful array of colors and finishes you will find if you check out their shop! You can find Crowstoes on Llarowe, Overall Beauty or follow them on Facebook! I look forward to sharing more beautiful polish from them soon. Thanks for reading!

Found this while looking up christmas pinup - ohhh myyy.

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