Saturday, December 7, 2013

Literary Lacquers Community Collection, Part 1

Amy from Literary Lacquers has created a gigantic collection with polishes inspired by some of her favorite makers, customers and bloggers! Today I have part one of this amazing collection, with four beautifully created collaborations.

84 Charing Cross Rd. was a collaboration with Sheila from "The Pointless Cafe", one of LL's main bloggers. It is a beautiful sepia toned polish with just the right amount of holo and silver glass fleck.

I like that this polish isn't a conventional color. The glass flecks shine in the light, and while the holo isn't insanely strong, it it just the right level for pleasing results. This is two coats, with a layer of Seche Vite to make dry time super quick! 

I used one coat of Camille over the Charing Rd. manicure to achieve these results. Camille is a purple based glitter jelly polish with silver and black microglitter. This polish was a collaboration with Phyrra of; Beauty for the Bold.

The purple in the base completely changes whatever base you have on, though I am sure that two coats would not have needed a base. The scattered holo sparkles catch the eye and are nicely balanced by the black microglitter. As you can see in the pics there is a subtle blue shimmer that also comes to play in certain lighting!

Shift of Fate is my favorite of this group - based on the wonderful book "Jackaroo" by Cynthia Voigt, this polish was created with Olivia Farr, author of the Morning Nailspiration blog. It is a green to gold shifting holo polish.

The gold colorshift is as strong as the holo in this knockout green! It's a really fresh take and I loved how easy it was to apply as well. This is three thin coats, per the suggestion on Literary Lacquers's Etsy! No matter what the lighting, this polish is beautiful and unique.

Finally, As the waltz was ending, a ballerina pink/purple crelly holographic polish. Amy collaborated with Lacey Jaye of "My Boyfriend Hates Makeup" nail blog to create this beautiful polish, based on her favorite book of the same name.

Delicate is a great way to describe this polish. The color feels light but still has enough character to make it interesting. The holo effect is extremely subtle but not to the point of being impossible to see. It does remind me of ballerina slippers and tutus. What you see here is two coats, which dried pretty quickly with a layer of seche.

You can get these four lovely polishes on the Literary Lacquers Etsy, plus check out the rest from the new collection! I will be swatching up and reviewing the rest of the collection as soon as possible - My son's birthday was today so I have been pretty busy! Thanks for reading, as always!

Literary Lacquers Etsy

Charing Cross Rd. 
Shift of Fate

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