Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two lovely creations by Gothic Gala Lacquers!

It's been a long time coming, but I am very pleased to show you two awesome polishes inspired by Norse mythology!
Njord was a minor god associated with the sea, wind and fishing, among other things. The polish is a light blue shimmery base with icy hex and shards of blue. 

My boyfriend said that Njord reminded him of an icy kaleidoscope, which is a great way to describe it! The base is sheer with a light blue shimmer, but as you can see on my nails, three coats gives good coverage. It is easy to distribute the glitters to each nail, as always I recommend dabbing the polish on then brushing it into place gently. I realy like the extra little shards of glitter! You don't see that in a ton of polishes so it gives Njord a unique feel. 

Odin is the big daddy in the Norse house of mythology, and father of all gods. He is also a badass dude and as such, it is fitting he have a beautiful polish named after him.

Odin had two ravens that sat on his shoulders, and I am happy that this polish reminds me of the iridescent shine of a raven's feathers! Odin is a deep gray with a purple shift and scattered holo. The holo effect is best seen in strong light, but the shift to purple is available at all times and is very pretty! Application was smooth, this is two coats with a layer of topcoat.

Please check out the Gothic Gala Etsy for more beautiful polishes, or follow her on facebook for announcements! I took a while to get this review out (bad ashley!) so you might notice her labels and bottles have changed... I have heard nothing but great stuff about the new design! Thank you for reading.

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