Monday, December 16, 2013

Crowstoes Part 2 - Better late than never!

Today I have four more polishes from the "Better Late Than Never" Fall 2013 collection by Crowstoes Nail Color. 
One of the things I really like about Crowstoes is that they are not afraid to experiment with style and finish. Each polish in this collection is unique, with glitter toppers, jelly sandwiches, flakes, duochrome and many other awesome types! No matter what style of polish you like best, you'll probably find one that suits you.

I want to start this review with Green-Eyed Lady, a flecky duochrome that shifts from almost black to green.

If you read my blog regularly, you know that flecks and duochromes are at the top of my list, so of course I was intrigued by this polish. Indoors, you get a lot of the darker side to this polish, with the green almost reading like gold - but in direct light the color shift plays across it's surface, emphasized by the shift in texture from the flakes. Dry time was quick, and I only used two layers to achieve this look. 

Next is "Dragon in Drag", a glitter topcoat PACKED with what I would call mardi gras colors and different sized hex. I used one dabbed coat over the base of "Green-Eyed Lady" for the results below.

Mardi gras colors, to me, are green, purple and gold. This polish is just as eye catching as any festival, and I would say the glitters glow in the light. In fact, they were reflecting the light so strongly my camera had issues with color bleed! Please excuse the pics, I believe they look like I took them with a potato. The glitter dries quickly enough, but does leave texture - any glitter smoothing topcoat would help it smooth out nicely, though. I love how complex and deep this polish appears on the nails!

Next is a purple crelly with holo mini and golden hex.

This polish makes me think of the fashion style steampunk! It layers wonderfully and the different sizes of hex creates a wonderful depth without any effort. There is also a sort of golden shimmer apparant when your nails move that adds a lovely touch to an already great looking finish. This is two coats, dabbed then brushed lightly into place.

Hellhound is a beautiful pomegranate red micro fleck with a color shift to a golden red.

My skin is so pale this winter, but I love how vampy it makes deeper colors look! Hellound is gorgeous, and one of my favorite reds EVER. It could have something to do with the flecky finish, or that it has the deep juicy color of my favorite fruit. Or that it applies so smooth and wonderfully and dries quickly - and cleanup didn't stain my cuticles! Whatever the reason, I highly recommend this color for anyone who loves a richer red. The color shift is subtle but still apparant. Four stars for this beauty!

If you would like to get any of these polish or just check out what else Crowstoes has to offer, please take a look at their section of the Llarowe site! I am so happy I have been able to review for them, and I do have a few more polishes from the Better Late Than Never collection that I will be releasing pictures of soon. Thank you for reading!

On the set of The Birds - How cool is that?!

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