Friday, December 20, 2013

Ashley Rose, my beautiful Thermal polish by Ruby White Tips!

I recently entered a Facebook contest being held by Ruby White Tips asking for fans to suggest ideas for polish designs. I was pleasantly surprised when my idea for a blue to purple colorshifting polish with holo won! Here is the beautiful thermal creation Laura came up with, named Ashley Rose - after me! 

While in the bottle, you mainly see the cold face of this polish - the violet purple with scattered holo. I applied two thin coats with no topcoat for these pictures, because honestly the less buildup of polish on your nails, the more thermal effect you will see! It turns out my nail beds are fairly warm, showing off the lighter blue warm shift. I have a little bit of free edge on my nails, and I did see a shift towards the purple (cold) color towards my tips without any help.

I had to try it out under cold water - As you can see in the pictures above I had a small container filled with cooler water that I was playing with! I also took a video of the color shift under the sink with cold water, and it was AWESOME. Take a look, I linked it from my instagram!

While this is a Limited Edition polish with only small amounts being offered, Laura will be restocking a few more very soon! Please follow Ruby White Tips on FB to make sure you don't miss out. You can also take a look at their shop for more beautiful creations.
 I still can't get over how awesome this thermal stuff is - but be advised that most thermal pigments lose their strength after about a year of shelf life. Like a candle burning bright, it's flame will run out... but I don't think I will mind, as both colors are pretty and I wouldn't mind them as a regular, non thermal polish!

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