Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seven & Parker Winter Holiday Collection 2013!

Are you ready to check out another gorgeous holiday collection? This one is by Seven & Parker, and features holos, duochromes AND glitter toppers! Let's dive right in.

I would like to start with my favorite from the collection, a beautiful blue to purple duochrome with just the right amount of holo!

Aurora Borealis pulls very purple in my pictures, but in person you see a lot more blue as well. It has a strong color shift that is apparant in most lighting, and the holo is easy to reveal! I would call it a scattered and linear, leaning more towards linear in strong lighting. Application was smooth and easy - what you see here is two layers with Seven & Parker's glass topcoat. The topcoat dried quickly and didn't dull the holo or duochrome at all! 

Next is Winter Skies, a holographic glitter topcoat in a slightly cloudy base. I used one layer over Aurora Borealis to achieve this look!

As you can tell, the base lifted the color and scattered the holo effect of Aurora, but I rather like the way it refracted the duochrome effect. I dabbed then lightly brushed it into place to make sure it had even distribution on each nail, though it doesn't need much help! The result was so sparkly and pretty. I used the Seven & Parker topcoat to smooth everything down, and got great wear out of this manicure. I think Winter Skies would look great over Frozen too ( seen later in this post!), but I like going for the not obvious choice of undies for glitter toppers!

Sandy Claws is a pinkish red with a strong scattered holo effect!

Depending on what kind of lighting you are in you will find this polish more red or pink, but regardless it is beautiful! It has that embedded holo that I am such a fan of - I think the secret is that the pigments are more like flecks. Application was easy, I love how 7&P polish doesn't flood the cuticles! Once again I used the 7&P topcoat, with great results.

Santa, Baby is a red based holographic glitter topper - a perfect match for Sandy Claws! Look how festive it looks!

In person this combo is a real eye catcher. The glitters in Santa, Baby catch the light easily and play rainbows across each nail! This is one coat dabbed and brushed into place - as you can see it has a great amount for one coat! I love polishes that go so well together, and this combination would be perfect for a holiday party... or just sitting home and watching Christmas movies.

The next polish is a beautiful green duochrome with a linear holo effect... it is also a near perfect dupe for EP "The Youth"!

I will be photographing and sharing The Youth soon - I was lucky enough to recieve it as a birthday present from a dear friend! However, this polish is so similar I didn't even need to get the EP... on swatch sticks it is hard to tell the difference between the two! Yuletide has a beautiful light green flash and the holo effect is very strong in most kinds of light. I used the 7&P topcoat for this one as well - I think I will need something bigger than a mini of it!

Last but certainly not least is Frozen, an icy blue holo with scattered blue glitter.

Frozen is beautiful, and really suits the winter months. The application was smooth, and I only needed two coats for total coverage. I like the hints of blue glitter that speckle each nail, almost like a robin's egg! This would make a great base for Winter Skies, although I did not show that combination here. The holo effect is more scattered here, but it is of a similar type as Sandy claws!

You can find all of these pretty polishes and more on the Seven & Parker website - Mitzy has been working hard and you can tell! You can also follow the 7&P facebook page to hear about new releases and upcoming restocks. I love swatching all these gorgeous holiday polishes, it's really getting me in the spirit for the holidays!


Holiday Collection

Aurora Borealis
Winter Skies
Sandy Claws
Santa, Baby

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