Saturday, December 21, 2013

Anne Kathleen Nail Polish, Yuletide collection part 2

 Today's post is picture heavy - I would normally have split this into two posts, but I wanted to show the rest of the Yuletide Wonders collection together! If you are interested in just seeing the pictures and not reading, please check out my Pinterest Image Board! Otherwise, buckle up and get ready for some beautiful polish. :)

First up is Aurora, a delicate white iridescent polish that looks like the freshest of snowfall. It's a shame about snow in the inner city - before long it loses this crispy white perfection and becomes sludge!

Aurora has a slight texture to it, which is smoothed out with a layer of topcoat. Hidden in it's icy depths are tiny extra iridescent glitters, which catch the light easily! What you see here is two generous layers of Aurora and one of Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat.

Next is Joy, a cocoa colored metallic base with a LOT of scattered holo!

In lowlight this polish appears mostly metallic, with a bright flash playing across it's soft bronze surface. But when you are in direct light or sunlight, it's hidden rainbows come out to play! I love that this is both a neutral and a showy polish. It's almost a one coater, though I used two to guarantee the camera wouldn't pick up any issues.

Did I say Aurora was iridescent? I guess that would make Nieva practically ethereal! It is slightly sheer, so I used one thin layer of a light purple underneath a generous coat of Nieva.

As you can see, even just one coat is absolutely packed full of flakes! Because of this, it is a little thicker and application can be trickier. I suggest using the glitter applying technique, dabbing then gently brushing it into place. If you use an under color, make sure the undie is close to dry before applying. This polish would look great for a party, as it catches any kind of light and uses it fully!

Next is Bell, one of my favorites from the whole collection. A stunning glitter polish, Bell is full of beautiful shining micro glitter in shades of vibrant blue.

I used two generous coats to achieve this manicure, and just look at the depth! It reminds me of a field of bluebells, thus the title image. My mother says it reminds her of sun sparkling on water. Either way, it's beautiful, and I can't get over how deep it looks. It also lays very smoothly! It could be fun to try this in just one layer over undies of different colors, like black or purple.

Crystal is a very delicate almost white blue, reminiscent of glaciers or deep winter ice!

This frosty beauty has the slightest look of flakes, reminding me of gently wrinkled cellophane. I used two layers with a coat of Seche vite for this manicure. I love how there are polishes in this collection that appear to be subtle in look, but once you get them on your nails you can't stop looking! It reads blue, purple and white depending on what lighting you are in. 

And last but certainly not least, Noel, a soft metallic gold.

While I am not normally a fan of yellows, Noel has a lovely golden glow that reminds me of brocade. Perfect for an engagement that requires something neutral but still eye catching! This is two layers, though I might have gotten away with just one for a regular mani. I think this could also make a great base for a glitter topper, maybe even Nieva! 

You can find these and the polishes from Part 1 of my review for the Yuletide Wonders collection on the Anne Kathleen Nail Polish website. You should also follow her on FB for future announcements and new colors! I love seeing this brand grow - The creator is a real sweetheart and has a real talent with creating polishes. Thank you for reading!

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