Monday, December 23, 2013

Let's get to know: Sweet heart Polish!

I tried Sweet Heart Polish for the first time - Here are my thoughts!
I have been seeing such pretty creations coming from this creator, so I was pretty psyched to get approached to review three polishes from her. Happily, they more than met my expectations!

Take my Breath Away is a polish created to bring awareness to Cystic Fibrosis, a cause that is close to Cassandra's heart as a family member suffers from it.

I am so used to trying polishes with glitter, flakes, sparkles, holo, colorshift, or some sort of effect... I forgot how amazing the simple joy of a perfect jelly can be. Unmarred by any additives, this polish applies smoothly to the nail with absolute ease. This is two generous layers with a thin topcoat of seche applied. Look how glassy and smooth! Application was great, very easy to control and keep even on the nail. I probably could have applied another layer and not had it be too thick, but I liked how it looked at two so I left it there. 

I love to use undies from same brand if I can, so I applied the next polish over the previous mani. She's so Flakey is a slightly pink base with beautiful iridescent flakes packed in! I dabbed one layer over Take my Breath away and loved the results. 

What can make or break a flakey polish, for me at least, is how many flakes travel from bottle to nail. Some polishes are meager with their dispersal, while others glob it on and overwhelm the base. I think She's so Flakey is a nice middle ground, with a decent amount of flakes on each brush stroke. I used another layer of seche to dry it quickly, and I was pleased with how smoothly they lay. I will be trying it over black next time, or maybe a darker purple. 

Mermaid's magic is a sheer green based topper. It has scattered holo, small blue glitter and large, iridescent teal circles. Seen here over a black base coat, you can view it over a lighter color in the listing

I thought "Wow" when I saw the way this polish looked over a black base! It is pretty in the bottle but does not prepare you for the shining green shimmer, the strong scattered holo and the well balanced glitter distribution! You may need to fish a little bit for the larger circles, but the upside is that the formula is not too thick, which is a pet peeve of mine. As you can see it is not too difficult to get at least one circle per nail! I love how the circles catch the light and create a glowing rainbow. 

Are you interest in trying some Sweet Hearts out for yourself? Below I have listed all the links! Thanks for reading, and please feel free to tell me your favorite Sweet Heart Polish creations in the comments - I'll be on the lookout for more!

Sweet Heart Website
Sweet Heart FB

Mermaid's Magic listing
She's so Flakey listing
Take my Breath Away listing

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