Thursday, December 5, 2013

Anne Kathleen Nail Polish - Yuletide Wonders collection, part 1

The sophomore collection Yuletide Wonders from Anne Kathleen Nail Polish has some really stunning polishes, each as unique and as beautiful as the last. Come meet four of the girls!

What better place to start than with the first woman of all? Eve is a slate grey holo.

I love a dark grey, and it is a perfect color for these dreary winter months. The formula on Eve is superb, requiring only one layer for opaqueness. It has a scattered holo that is just the right strength to catch the eye but not overwhelm the beautiful base. I really like this polish!

Ilana is a quirky polish, with tons of rainbow colored glitter in a clear base.

I dabbed ONE coat of Ilana over Eve to achieve this look! As you can tell the concentration of glitter is quite high, so a little goes a long way. Dry time was quick but it did take a soak with a cotton ball full of acetone to get it off... but I think it was worth it for this flashy topper!

Carol is a white shimmery based polish with sky blue, gold and bronze microglitter, giving a very understated and delicate effect.

What's neat about Carol is how the angle and lighting that you admire your nails in will change the color that is most dominant to your eye, giving it many different looks as you go through your day. This polish dried quickly  but did not have as long of a removal time as Ilana - what you see here is two layers, dabbed then brushed into place. 

Lastly, Scarlett, a firey blend of orange glitters and gold flakes. This polish is beyond a doubt my favorite of the collection!

Just like that beautiful southern woman with a firey temper, Scarlett catches your attention and never lets it go. I love how smooth and intense it looks! This is two coats with a topcoat of Seche Vite. Dry time was very quick, and flakies are great for cleaning up, too. If you only get one from this collection I would urge you to consider this - It is unique in my experience and a must have!

There are many more beautiful polishes from Anne Kathleen's Yuletide Wonders collection that I will be showing you soon - but for now you can go check out her page to find out more! That cute little bunny on the bottom of the bottle means cruelty free, and she only uses 5-free ingredients - pretty groovy! The leaf indicates that a polish is Vegan. How awesome is that?

Anne Kathleen Nail Polish Website


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