Sunday, December 29, 2013

Literary Lacquers - Community Collection Part 2

Finally, part 2 of the amazing Community Collection by Literary Lacquers! She got together with friends, customers and bloggers to create a group of polishes based on their favorite literature. The result is awesome!

Together with one of her biggest supporters, LA Salzy, Amy worked to bring Roald Dahl's "Sidewalk's End" to life! A delicate concrete grey with just the right amount of holo, seen here on it's own at three coats.

In a time of flashy polish that pushes the limits of style, it's nice to see something delicate every once and a while! Not to say that Sidewalk's End is boring - it's understated but still pretty enough to merit wearing. In the listing, you see it with one coat over a grey cream base, but it wears well enough on it's own at three thin coats. As you can see, it is a linear holo! 

When Amy asked Alex of Sparkly Vernis what books she had been reading lately, Alex realized that she has been mostly reading scientific texts, specifically regarding Heat and Entropy. Amy took that and ran with it!

Thermo-dynamics is a hot cherry red with a flash of blue iridescent glitter in it's core. This polish is not your traditional red! I used two generous coats to achieve this mani. I love the blue sparkles, they easily catch the light and your eye! 

Goodnight, Moon was a collaboration between Amy and up and coming blogger Tammy Strap Fournier of The Manicured Mermaid. If you have a kid or know someone who does, chances are you have seen this book in their collection!

Moon is a sheer twilight colored jelly base with holo sparkles, tiny hex and blue holographic crescent moons. I wore one coat over a blue base for my pictures, as the listing shows it on it's own and it is too sheer for my tastes by itself. Surprisingly, the moons were incredibly easy to fish out, and easily placed on the nail with the dab and brush technique! I really like the holo sparkles, they add a lovely touch. 

My Red Hair is inspired by the poem "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath. Debbie Crumpet of The Crumpet nail blog has had a lifelong love for the works by this darkly brooding poet, and with Amy's help they captured the lovely essence of a true red head!

My Red Hair shifts from copper to red, and also has a scattered sparkle effect. I used two coats to achieve the mani pictured! I really love when polish has a subtle color shift, I think it adds a depth that one flat color could never have! I also found a connection to Sylvia Plath when I was a teenager, which adds another layer of appreciation to this polish. Plus, Debbie Crumpet is definitely one of my blogger idols! Great job you guys. ;)

Love you Forever is a beloved children's book that is a real tearjerker! Amy and Crisdee Michie worked together to bring across the soft sweetness in polish form. 

Described as a medium blue crelly holo polish, Love you forever is a gentle color that still satisfies. While I was sadly unable to capture the holo in my pictures (poo!), it has a gentle linear effect better seen in the listing pics! As I have a baby boy of my own, this polish and it's inspiration strike close to the heart for me! I used three thin layers to achieve the look below.

Phenomenal Woman was created in collaboration with Jen Walker of the nail blog "Musings of the wife of a Jedi". Inspired by the powerful poem of the same name by Maya Angelou.

Phenomenal Woman shifts from burgundy to purple with a touch of holo, Once again, I do love a shifter! I like that the reds in this collection are not the traditional idea of the color. I used two coats to achieve opaqueness. I think PW also has a slight chrome finish, which really adds to it's uniqueness! I would say this is more of a pink-red, perhaps perfect for a valentine's manicure! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about these unique interpretations! If you would like to buy these or any of the awesome polishes by Literary Lacquers, please take a look at her Etsy shop - Amy works hard to make sure things are always in stock, a real bonus in the indie world! January 1 Amy will be having a 20% discount code to celebrate 4000 likes, so be sure to follow her FB page for more info! 


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