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My top 13 polishes for 2013!

As we move into 2014, let's take a moment to look back at the past year and appreciate some amazing polishes!

At first I was just going to do a top 10 list - but somehow polishes just kept getting added! I finally settled on my favorite number, lucky 13. I would also like to note, this in no way is all of my favorites for the year. I have been lucky enough to review so many beautiful polishes this past year, a fact I am so grateful for! A few have stood out more than others though, and I would love to share them with you - and I also want to thank you for your support in 2013 as well. Without my followers I would be no where, and I hope you know how much you mean to me! So let's get started on this list, dear reader. <3

13. Avant Garde Cosmetics - "I'm In a Glass Case of Emotion!"

While I am sad to report that this brand is no longer in business, I couldn't resist sharing the amazing colorshifting holo I reviewed earlier this year for her. As you will see often in this list, Duo/Multichrome and holo is the way straight to my heart.

12. Seven and Parker - "Aurora Borealis" 

Blue, purple, pink - this polish has as much shift as a real aurora, and more holo than you can shake a stick at! While it is not available currently in her shop, there are lot's of other pretties to check out, and you can expect more to come from 7&P in the upcoming weeks.

Anne Kathleen Nail Polish is a brand I have been lucky enough to swatch since the beginning. I have watched the creator blossom into a talented polish maker, with some truly beautiful and unique polishes! Scarlett is from her recent collection, Yuletide Wonders, and has a firey shift. I love how Leanne uses flakes in her polish! This is definitely a brand to watch in 2014. 

10. Mod Lacquer - Chupacabra

This jelly based glitterbomb was easy to apply and absolutely stunning on the nail! Seems like every polish maker was trying their hand at jelly sandwich polishes this past year, and Mod Lacquer really hit it out of the park with the balance and finish. I don't think I will ever tire of holo hex!

2013 was the year of the multichromes, possibly my favorite polish finish of all time. One of the first companies to jump on the train was ILNP, with some absolutely stunning creations. Offering both regular and holo versions to sate every appetite, this is just one of many great polishes ILNP came out with this year. I look forward to seeing what new ways this company will drain my wallet in 2014!

8.  Literary Lacquers - "A Thousand Christmas Trees"

This polish was a special LE gifted during the holiday season from LL. In the past year Amy has proven herself to be one of the major queens of indie holo, and no list would be complete without at least one of her beautiful polishes on it! Amy was the very first indie creator to give my blog a chance, and I am eternally grateful to her for that opportunity. This beautiful polish is a perfect example of the amazing color and holo work Amy does!

I would be remiss if I did not share the awesome thermal polish RWT created and named after me - it's super LE but still available on the site for the time being! This is actually my first thermal polish I ever tried and the results speak for themselves. I am also happy to say that part of the proceeds go to The Bat Sanctuary, one of my favorite charity groups! Bats are an important part of our ecosystem, and really adorable, so helping them out makes me pretty happy. 

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics is a brand that I have a special love for. I have been honored to be an official blogger for her this past year, which let me swatch some awesome creations. It was super hard to pick my favorite, but Pimp my Purple definitely stands out. A stunning purple jelly based holo with a lighter flash, PmP satisfies in so many ways! 

I am grateful to Chirality, not just for the kindness and opportunities to swatch they have given me, but also because they have introduced me to some amazing horror film creators I never would have known about otherwise! Soska is a striking true black linear holo based on the amazing Soska twins, two wonderful gals with a chilling list of films under their belts. I love the unique inspirations behind Chirality's polishes - plus it's not easy to make a black holo that doesn't lean grey. For these reasons I applaud them, and look forward to seeing what other ghastly inspirations they find in the new year!

4. Enchanted Polish - "Octopus's Garden"

Ah, EP - Hard to find but easy to love. This brand has exploded in the past two years, and now has Hunger Games like restocks once a month. Private sales are the best way to find older EP's, though you might have to wait to find prices that are reasonable. Despite the difficult nature of acquiring Enchanteds, there is no denying that Chelsea has a way with multi-chromes! I was long time lemming Octopus's Garden, and was not disappointed when I finally managed to get it. This polish may not have been released in 2013 but it was new to me, so I hope you don't mind me counting it!

I recently moved to Pittsburgh (well, two years ago, but it still feels recent...), a city known for it's steel industry. As soon as I even heard the name of this WD I wanted to get it - and then I saw it in all it's glory. Holo, Gold flakes AND flakies? It's like someone gave them the specifics of how to make me love a polish! I have also been lucky enough to get to swatch some beautiful glitter bombs by this brand, and while there were many that could have made this list, I think Steel Town Girl shows the creative and unique nature of this brand best. 

The Devil Wears Polish is a brand that I discovered closer to the end of the year, but that did not stop it from climbing the chart of my favorites! Nearly every single creation from Tami is an insane linear holo or a strong color shifter. Seriously, she might as well just hook up my credit card to her shop and charge me every time she comes out with a new polish! LUCT no. 1 has a strong color shift AND linear holo, and I found myself going back to it multiple times the last two weeks. 

Here it is, my Numero Uno! While Crowstoes came out with many truly beautiful polishes this past year, there is something about Indian Summer that just does it for me. I applied it over a black base to really make the color pop, and reveled in the color shift. I loved this polish so much I wore it for my son's first birthday - a very hard decision to make! I am thrilled to get to blog for this brand and happily identify myself as a Crowstoes "Minion". 

So there we are! These are in no way all of my favorite polishes, but if I were to show you all of them we would be here all day! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today, I appreciate your support and eagerly look forward to finding new favorites with you in 2014! Happy New Year everyone <3<3

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