Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let's get to know: Philly Loves Lacquer!

This is one of those brands that has been on my radar for a while, but I just now have had an opportunity to try out. Boy am I glad I did! Check out these three Mummer inspired polishes from Philly <3's Lacquer!
Mummer is defined as "A masked or costumed merrymaker, especially at a festival". In Philadelphia there lies the oldest American Folk Festival, The Mummer's Parade, held every New Years Day. Local clubs compete in four categories and participate in the parade, each with their own style of costume and performances. Esther based her newest collection off of these different groups, providing rich inspiration for a broad range of colors and styles!

Mummer's Parade, 1938

Check out the beautiful packaging job Esther does! 

The Pirates NYA Wench Brigade started participating in the Mummer's Parade in 1995. The polish is a beautiful black scattered holo with rainbow microglitter - It's gorgeous! 

The micro rainbow glitter is what makes this a really unique polish. I don't think I have ever seen this combination before, personally! Easy application and quick drying time - I am happy to report the formula on all three of these polishes is awesome. What's great about this polish is that the rainbow microglitter shows up whether you are in direct light or not. 

The James "Froggy" Carr is a Wench club, a division noted for having live bands and being traditional mummers. It's a bright green scattered holo with gold flecks and shimmer. I really loved it! 

Froggy Car is one of those bright polishes that make me think of words like juicy. As green as any lilypad I've ever seen, the gold flecks and micro shimmer are just small enough to be called delicate, but still unique and eye catching. It has great coverage too - this is two thin layers with a topcoat of Seche Vite. You could say this polish is Eye - Ribbeting! 

Bill Mc'Intyre's Shooting Stars has been around for 50 years, sticking close to the values of friendship and honor as decreed by it's founder. The Stars are in the Fancy Brigade category, competing with elaborate costume and performances.

I thought Froggy Car would make a perfect base for Shooting Stars - I'm glad I was right! It reminded me of silvery drops of rain on leaves. This is one coat dabbed and then brushed into place, my go to style for glitter application. As you can see it has a great blend of micro, small and medium sized glitters, with the occasional glass like shard keeping things interesting. I really dig this combination of shapes too! 

If you haven't given this brand a try, you are really missing out! Follow the links below for more PLL action. :) These three and the rest of the Fancy Winter Wench collection go live on Friday, Jan. 24. If you make an account ahead of time on the Philly Loves Lacquer web page you can reap the benefits of Reward Points! 

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