Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let's get to know: Love, Angeline

Today I get to show you three crellies from the indie brand Love, Angeline. Soft and eye-catching at the same time, her polishes have a definite style all their own!

Natosha sadly lost her first baby, Angeline. She has moved forward from the heartbreaking experience with grace, going on to have two beautiful boys - but will never forget her daughter. As tribute, she styled her brand on the idea of receiving letters from Angeline. In her shop she has a polish named "Forever my Baby", a polish dedicated to awareness for pregnancy and infant loss with a percentage of the proceeds going to Natosha's local March of Dimes chapter. My own son is so important to me, I feel like this is a very special cause, which is why I am sharing the link even though I am not reviewing it today. I also have friends in my mommy support groups that have experienced losses, and I think it is so important to keep in mind those who have suffered this tragedy are in pain but also want to celebrate the life, however short, that their child lived. These beautiful polishes are a lovely way for Natosha to celebrate her daughter, and I am happy to support this brand! 

Let's start with the beautiful Pick a Card, a sheer white crelly base with pearlescent pastel hex. 

There is something aesthetically pleasing in simplicity of this brand - the smooth, sheer base creates the perfect milky background for the pastel hex, dispersing evenly on each nail in a uniform style. Natosha is great at balancing the amount of glitters in her polish, a skill that should not be ignored! This is three layers dabbed and then gently brushed into place. As you can see it is sheer, and would look great over a corresponding pastel or white base.

Of the three sent to me, Metamorphosis is my favorite. A light grey crelly base filled with hex in colors that recall monarch butterflies, it applies sheer but becomes opaque with three thin layers.

Something about Meta really does it for me - the base is just sheer enough to give you a peek of the glitters in it's depths, while the hex are well balanced and lay flat. Dry time was not a problem with seche vite, my go to fast dry topcoat. I want to point out one more time how smooth this and the other three polishes dry, which is really great considering the size of glitters used! 

Vanishing Act is another white based crelly, this one packed with tiny and medium sized hex. 

I really like how the light blue medium hex seem to fade from view in the milky base... pretty perfect considering the name of the polish! Vanishing Act was a little more opaque then Pick a Card, but still has a little Visible Nail Line if you don't pair it with a base. The glitter was easy to get out and onto the nail, as with all three of the Love, Angeline's! 

Are you interested in picking up any of these for yourself? If so, head on over to the Love, Angeline Bigcartel, or follow her on Facebook for more beautiful polishes! Thanks for taking the time to read today.

Love, Angeline:

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