Friday, January 17, 2014

Anne Kathleen Nail Polish - All That Glitters, part 1.

Today I have four lovely glitter toppers to show you from the "All that Glitters..." collection! Consistency of quality and beautiful polishes has made Anne Kathleen Nail Polish one of my favorite indies - let me show you why! 
One of the things I really enjoy about AK nail polish is the long running theme of naming each polish with a different woman's name. I love searching for the perfect woman to be the title image for each polish. A name can be as defining as clothing, makeup and hair choices. The right nail polish can make you feel like a superhero, ready to take on anything!

Ready to meet our glitter babes? First up is the graceful but passionate Gayle, a clear base with warm colored/holo hex.

I used Chirality "Wraith" under "Gayle" to create this look. I loved the way the reddish purple base enhanced the holo flashes in the hex! What you see is one layer of Gayle dabbed and then brushed into place, with a thin layer of seche vite. You do have to be careful when applying a fast drying topcoat like seche to something with an already dried base, as it can cause the polish to pull back from the tips or cuticle. Luckily that didn't happen here! I really love the colors of this polish, the holo and the dispersion of glitter - and for those reasons it is my favorite of the four I review today! You'll notice I'm going to start embellishing the collage of my favorite polish each post - sort of a fun way to keep track of which I love best! 

Next up is Jaclyn, a cutie who knows what she likes and gets it. Gold micro holo hex floats in a clear base with larger (but still small) pink octagons.

I used Ethereal Lacquer "Once Upon a Dream" as the base for Jaclyn. Once again this is one layer dabbed and then lightly brushed into place. As you can see, Anne Kathleen glitters are wonderful at even dispersion of glitter, not something to be overlooked! The pink octagons are decidedly girly while the rainbow hex really spice things up. Some of you might recognize the woman I have used for the title image - that's Jaclyn, the creator and owner of Pretty Bitch Polish! She fit this polish's feel, so I asked her permission to use one of her photos. 

Next up is Natasha, a clear base with gold micro hex and pink octagons. The gold hex are not holo, but are super shiny in their own right. 

I used Ruby White Tips "Stellar Changer" as a base - it's a lovely blue to teal thermal that seems to read mostly teal on my nails. I love how the gold pops against it! At the risk of sounding repetitive, I dabbed and smoothed one thin layer over the base. I like how this one is reminiscent of Jaclyn with the use of the pink octagons, but still definitely unique. 

Emma is a firey blend of rainbow hex and flame colors in a clear base. 

Love Emma! I used it over Ruby White Tips "Misfit Toys", a combination I really enjoyed because of the duochrome properties of Toys. The purple to green shift was a great juxtaposition to the flashes of holo and hex on each nail! By now you probably know I dabbed and stroked the glitter into place and that I think this brand has great glitter distribution. Sorry I keep repeating it but it is so true!

While Emma is similar to Gayle, I found it more orange tinted compared to a more gold Gayle. If you compare the bottle shots the differences become very clear!

Are you interested in these lovely ladies, or want to check out their sisters? Take a look at the beautiful Anne Kathleen Nail Polish website, she has a great set up and you can see every collection she has released so far! Thank you for reading :)

Anne Kathleen Nail Polish

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