Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's Get to Know - Paint Shop Polish!

I should have released this before Christmas, considering the theme - but isn't Christmas really just a feeling of joy and giving? So here is a gift of pretty polish pictures from me to you!

That being said, I want to thank the owner of Paint Shop Polish for being patient with me for how long it took me to get this review up! I'm so glad I was asked to swatch these, especially Blitzen - Check out how beautiful it looks over a black base!

In the bottle Blitzen is a semi transparent shifty blue/purple with a lot of sparkles. It does work on it's own as a more subtle look, but when I applied one layer over black I was in love with it. Sort of like a cool colored Secret Sauce, Blitzen smolders in the light. I used a layer of Seche Vite and it made dry time super quick, which is always a bonus! This polish should be used year round, not just during the holidays!

A Very Mickey Holiday is a clear based glitter topper with a smorgasboard of christmas colored glitter and mickey mouse head shaped large glitters.

I'm not usually much for Mickey, though I don't have anything against Disney - I think I never quite got over the poor decisions he made in Fantasia! Despite my slight bias, this polish was very pretty and festive, and I actually wore it on Christmas... How apropos!

I decided to pair it with another Holiday themed polish, NailNation 3000 "No More Elfing Around". It's a pretty green holo, and was a great match. It's always a nice thing when you find a base that emphasizes and goes with the theme of a glitter topper! I used one layer of seche as a topcoat, though I could have used a layer of a glitter smoothing topcoat, mostly to help smooth the curve of my nail and the larger glitters. 

I always enjoy trying out a brand I haven't before, and Paint shop did not disappoint! I look forward to seeing what this brand comes out with in the year to come. PSP is having a sale right now you can take advantage of - Save 15% with code Happy2014, expires 1/10/14. Thanks for reading!

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