Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Ghosts of Chirality - A crash course in the paranormal!

   Chirality is known for quirky inspiration and tongue in cheek references. Lately they have had some amazing holos as well! Today I am lucky enough to get to bring you a sneak peek from their upcoming collection The Ghosts of Chirality, with five of the nine ghosts!

   Of the polishes I recieved to review, there are two pairs of similar colors - burgundy and grey. Despite having similar base colors, the polishes are all unique enough to warrant their existence. Luckily my handy new Macro lens helped me suss out the differences! Let's get started with my handy guide to The Ghosts of Chirality.

Get ready for some "Boo-tiful" polishes!

    First is Apparition, defined as a Ghost or Ghostlike image of a person - think Hamlet's dad. Apparitions are all about unfinished business, often murder, so it's fitting the polish should be a deep burgundy base! 

    Clear and rich looking, with a strong linear holo, Apparition looks great at two layers. I used Seche Vite fast drying topcoat and the dry time was quick. I love how deep this color is - Chirality is great about creating holo polish without greying out the base color! This polish definitely walks the line of being purple or red, so burgundy is really the best name I could think of for it! 

    A Phantom is a person or appearance with no material substance, often appearing as a dream or mirage. Chirality has captured this ghast in a dark grey linear holo with micro flecks in blue.

   I positively love Phantom! When I was first looking at the bottles Chirality had sent me, I wasn't sure how they would make each polish unique, considering the similar base colors. Boy was I shown how pretty quickly. Phantom is almost graphite colored with a metallic sheen and a strong linear holo arc on each nail. Looking closely you see the blue flecks playing across the surface, adding depth and subtlety. This is two thin layers with a topcoat of Seche. 

   Ectoplasm is described as a supernatural viscous fluid that is supposed to exude from the body of a medium during a spiritualistic trance or seance and form the material for manifestation of spirits. It's also a beautiful linear non-greying holo topcoat! 

   I took my Paint Shop Polish manicure from yesterday's review (Blitzen, a deep plum) and added one layer of Ectoplasm over it. What I got was the same rich lovely color with some intense holo arcs! Ectoplasm will be available to purchase, though you can recieve it free(!) as a gift when you order the full collection, either in minis or full size! I think this is a holo topcoat comparable to Djinn, and I will definitely be needing more than a mini of it, personally. 

   Orbs are believed to be ghosts visible in pictures, captured on film trying to communicate or hanging around a location. Chirality has translated them into an almost aluminum colored metallic grey with super holo! 

   When I say say super holo, I really mean it! Loops of rainbows positively jumped off the nail as I was taking these pictures. In some of the pictures you can almost see a full oval of holo, in fact! Orbs may be heavily debated, but there is no question this is not your average grey holo, and definitely unique from Phantom in both shade and finish. This is once again two layers with a thin topcoat.

   Last but not least is Wraith, an insubstantial column or pillar of smoke, often appearing shortly after a person's death. The polish is a slightly ruddy Brown-Burgundy-red with the most subtle holo of this group of polishes, though it is still linear and strong.

   Wraith was fun to photograph because it kept changing it's base color with different lighting. I tried to show you the broad sweep of color range in my collage, because I want you to know what you get into when you buy Wraith. I love how dark it can get, while other times appearing almost dusty. As I said in the blurb above, it has the lightest holo of the five I tested, but that doesn't mean the holo is weak. I liked how in some light I could see all the way down the color spectrum from purple to red, that's what I love in a holo. There is also just the slightest coppery touch to Wraith under some lighting. This is two layers and seche vite, though I'm sure you could have guessed that on your own!

The Ghosts of Chirality collection comes out this Saturday, Jan. 11. It will be available on both the Chirality Etsy and Bigcartel, though you will only find minis available on BC. 

   Each Ghost is $12 for a full size, with Ectoplasm priced at $9.50 for a large - You can purchase the whole collection for $87. Mini's are $6.50 individually, or $44 for the full set. If you purchase the whole collection you get Ectoplasm for free, as a corresponding full size or mini depending on which you buy! 

Thanks for taking the time to read, please check out these Chirality links:

Patiently waiting for the 11th....

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