Saturday, March 22, 2014

Two polishes from the Model City Resident Evil collection!

Today, Model City Polish is releasing a new collection, inspired by the Resident Evil series! I have two polishes to show you from it!
Even though I am generally a big wimp when it comes to horror/action films, I really love when there is a strong female heroine - I just cover my eyes for the scary parts! It's worth having to cover my eyes for the scary parts to see a passionate, talented woman kicking some ass... even if she is part of some massive genetic experiment.

With strong content comes strong inspiration. Nina of Model City has created some eye-catching polishes that you won't want to miss! 

First up is Nemesis, a beautiful metallic olive green/gold with rich scattered holo. What yo usee on my nails is two generous coats, which dried quickly even without topcoat! When you look at the closeup you can see there are micro flecks scattered throughout the nail as well. 

Licker is a lovely coral polish. Along with a slight color shift in the right lights, this polish is subtly intricate with micro flecks dancing across the nail! I have a feeling Coral is going to be a trending color this Spring - what a great take on it from Nina! This is also two coats, with a thin layer of Seche Vite.

You can buy these polishes starting today (March 22) at 12 pm CST, on the new Model City Polish site. Along with the release, Nina will be opening International Orders today as well! Thanks for reading my blog. <3 

Model City Polish

Potions in Motion

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