Thursday, March 6, 2014

And today by NailNation 3000... A polish created from a dream!

Maria from NN3k is a creative whirlwind, almost daily coming up with beautiful new creations for her burgeoning indie nail company. Here are two of her more recent polishes, "Aurora Rose"  and "Cosmic Rain".
I'm going to try a different placement of the product links on today's post - you can find the link directly to the polish underneath it's collage. Let me know if you prefer this style to my normal (all the links at the end of the post).

Aurora Rose is a limited pour polish, inspired literally from a dream I had! In my dream, I walked into a beauty shop and was quite surprised to find an entire display of NailNation polishes, with a Menu on the wall of available product, almost like a fast food restaurant. The name that stuck out to me was Sleeping Beauty, although I remember seeing many polishes. I tried to tell the shop owner I knew Maria, but he seemed pretty non impressed in the face of my excitement, haha! When I woke up, I immediately messaged Maria to tell her about her product's cameo. She told me she was working on an unnamed pink that closely fit the description I gave her, and presto - Aurora Rose was born! 

The polish itself straight up reminds me of pink roses with a slight green sheen. Holo sparkles create a glowy undertone, making this a very dynamic pink. I seriously love that Maria made this - that's part of the magic of the indie community right there! 

Along with Aurora Rose I recieved Cosmic Rain, A glitter bomb holo topcoat that adds a little pop. I chose to show it over Aurora Rose so you can an idea of what it adds to the undies. This is one generous layer dabbed over the two of AR. It didn't take long to dry and the whole thing was still smooth and nice on the nail. The glitter is well balanced, and I like how it has a little depth. 

Cosmic Rain (Not in Stock)

NailNation 3000 Storenvy

I have a few more Nail Nation polishes to show you soon, including a Black Box polish! You can expect them soon, along with a bunch of other amazing indie brands - I am trying to pick my game back up and start posting more each week. Thanks for reading today, please check out close up swatches of these polishes on my Instagram!

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