Friday, March 14, 2014

Let's get to Know: Polish Addict Nail Color!

Like most girls, I think Unicorns are absolutely fabulous! Check out these four polishes inspired by the most awesome of mythical creatures, after the jump.

Unicorns rock. Therefore, any polish made in their image had better be pretty darn awesome. Luckily, these four by Polish Addict stand up to the challenge!

Majestic, ain't it?!

First up is Drunken Unicorn, a pretty cream base with pastel glitters in different shapes and sizes, though they are all on the small side. It makes me think of a pretty, speckled Unicorn Egg - if Uni's laid eggs, of course. 

Unicorn 2.2 is a gorgeous, extremely linear lavendar topcoat with iridescent glitters subtly floating about. I used it here, one coat, over Zoya's "Casey", an oxblood red jelly. I love using dark colors that aren't black as a base, to mix it up! This is definitely my favorite polish of the four - Seriously, look at that holo curve!

Spring is coming, and with it's warm breezes it's blowing in pastels! Unicorn Love is a robin's egg blue with Easter Egg colored speckles. It's dainty, almost, and I think it would look great as an Easter mani base! 

Last but not least, Time to be a Unicorn. This polish, with it's pink base and candy colored glitters, reminds me of the coveted "Candyshop" by Claire's... only this one is better because the base has a scattered holo! Another great look for Spring. 

Head over to the Polish Addict Shop or FB page to check out more beautiful creations! Thanks for reading, and feel free to let me know which one you like best in the comments!

Talk to me, baby!

Polish Addict Nail Color

Unicorn Love
Drunken Unicorn
Unicorn 2.2
Time to be a Unicorn

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