Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gems for Em - A Mega Giveaway!!

Today I am happy to bring you the Rafflecopter for a Super Mega Awesome Giveaway I am participating in - but it's a little different than normal! Check out the details, rules and prizes inside.

It's no secret the nail polish community can be full of drama, and at times it is quite cut throat. Thankfully, there are also bunches of kind people, ready to help at a moment's notice! A group of wonderful ladies have banded together to bring you a giveaway packed FULL of amazing prizes, in hopes of raising money to help a dear friend who has had hard times lately. Each of the prizes has been donated by a friend of Emily's, who wants to help make things easier for her and her family during this difficult stretch.

Along with being a breadwinner for her household and owner of Carpe Noctem Cosmetics, Emily is also a mother, and has recently had intense back pain that ended up leading to surgery on her spine. Stuck with limited mobility as it heals, Em has been concerned about maintaining her polish shop and keeping her family afloat. We hoped to help take some of the pressure off - and what better way to raise awareness and funds than with a huge giveaway!

 To enter: Please make a donation to Emily's Gofundme account - you can do this once a day, with a minimum of $5 per donation. Every little bit helps, and we appreciate your entry!

Emily, her Husband Adam and their beautiful daughter Marcelyne!

I first met Em when I was new to the blogging scene. She was one of the first companies to take a chance on letting me swatch for them, and in the past 10 months (has it really been that long already!?) she has been a great friend to me. She is also a very talented creator, inspiring me daily with her many talents and crafts. I am also impressed with how she juggles being a stay at home mom to her adorable daughter, partner to her military husband and all around neat person. I asked a few of her friends what motivated them to donate time and prizes for this giveaway, and here's what they had to say! -

"I met Emily when a friend suggested her as someone who made fantastic custom polishes. I ordered one and quickly found out she was right! Emily's passion for her polish line is astounding and something I think every indie make should aspire to have. She's such a sweet girl with a huge heart. She works hard every single day to take care of her family and to grow her business and I'm so grateful to have gotten to know her. I hope we're able to really do something amazing for her with this giveaway."

                     -Kristina Shaw

"I'm participating in this to help Emily because she's been there for me when I need someone to talk to, or needed help brainstorming and figuring things out. She's extremely kind, caring, generous and an all around awesome person who is always willing to lend an ear or a hand in something."

                         - Rebecca Pierzchala


Us & International participants - Please make sure to comment with your location so that we can properly assign prizes! 

Big Spoon Lacquer/ Alchemy Lacquer - "Drama Llama Duo"

The base is a dark navy jelly, with a glittery topcoat packed full of sparkles, US only!

Darling Diva Polish - Sample 34

Photos taken and polish donated by Amanda Reed, US only

Takko Lacquer- "Nirvana"

Image courtesy of Pretty Tough Nails
Polish donated by Ashley Jordan, US only

Colors by Llarowe - "Smoke gets in your eyes" (LE)

Donated by Jess Moore, pics by Pointless Cafe!

Enchanted Polish - "December 2013"

Photo courtesy of Amanda Loves Polish
Polish donated by Desiree Ruiz, International

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics - "Recovery"

When Em heard we would be holding this giveaway, she wanted to participate! Polish donated and picture by Emily Doney, International

Enchanted Polish - To Die For

Donated by Meredith Evans, US only

Elevation Polish - "Ginza"

Photo courtesy of Pointless Cafe
Polish donated by Jenne Rempel

Elevation Polish - "Broad Peak"

Photo courtesy of Pointless Cafe
Polish donated by Jenne Rempel

Elevation Polish - "Ilha do Faial " (SBP)


Polish donated by Kristina Shaw, International

Colors by Llarowe - Oxen

Picture courtesy of Pointless Cafe
Polish donated by Desiree Ruiz, International

Custom Glitter polish by Alicia Elliot - "Viva la Noctem"

A one of a kind custom with a black base containing purple and pink iridescent glitters that sparkle like the night sky! Alicia is a Glitt-a-licious guest blogger with Imperfectly Painted. 

Polish and pictures by Alicia Elliot (, US only

$25 Gift Card to Etsy

Donated by Kate Taylor & Cate Cropp, International

$20 Gift Card to Llarowe

Donated by Rebecca Pierzchala and Cate Cropp, International 

I hope you are as excited as I am about this line up - those are all seriously amazing prizes! Please make sure you comment with the name you donated with and location in order to qualify.  Here is the Rafflecopter - Thank you and have fun!

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