Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's get to know: ALiquid Lacquer!

Today's review is for a new-to-me company called Aliquid Lacquer. I was really happy with the strong style and easy application of these polishes - come take a look! 
I was also sent one of her handmade lip balms, in Chai. It smells amazing and feels really soft on my lips - perfect timing for all these damn Polar Vortexes too, which is great! The picture below is from the Aliquid site, I couldn't get a good pic for some reason.

First up is my favorite of the four polishes sent to me. Gargoyle is a grey near sheer base with flecks of gold, bronze, grey, light grey, dark grey... on the nail it seriously looks like stone! 

It's beautiful, and so unique! The flecks are small enough that they don't overwhelm the nail, but are definitely eye catching. This is two normal layers - as you can see it is nicely opaque. Dry time was quick with seche, and it wore well. I ended up keeping this on and taking my son to the Children's museum, which is always a test for a mani! 

The Pantone color of the year is Radiant Orchid - Here is Aliquid's tribute!

Rich purple base filled with purple iridescent flakes, orchid colored shards and white hex... honestly it is hard to describe every single thing that you can see on your nail at any one time. It's complex, beautiful, and surprisingly easy to get smoothly onto your nails! This is three thin layers dabbed on then brushed gently into place, with a thin layer of seche to cap it all off. Once again, complex and delicate. I'm sensing a trend here!

A pun on teal is a sheer teal base with glitter hex in colors you would not expect - red, white, pink blue and burgundy. Together it forms a very unique and striking polish.

I loved how smoothly this polish applies, easily brushing into place to create a nicely layered pool on every nail. I really like when hex of different sizes stack on each other to create depth like this! Dry time was fine, faster with a fast dry topcoat of course. No need for a glitter smoothing topcoat with this or any of the ALiquids I tried, always a plus!

Last but not least, Exploradora, a Tan based polish with purple/pink hex and scattered black hex. This polish really does recall the color theme of the character it is inspired by!

Backpack, Backpack! It sure would be useful to have a backpack that could hold as much stuff as Dora's - I would use it to store all my nailpolish! This polish is not your average look, and I wasn't sure about it in the bottle - but on the nail it is pretty, and very unique. The base layers well to be opaque in two coats, but still sheer enough to give depth. I know there are people out there just nutty about brown polishes, and this is one they won't want to miss! Now I am going to go listen to music to try to get the Backpack song out of my head...

I'm happy I got to swatch for this brand - so many unique, fresh ideas! I hope you will give them a try - you'll find all the links below! Thanks for reading, see you next time!

ALiquid Lacquer

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