Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'm Back - Plus three new colors from Seven & Parker!

I'm back from a bit of a haitus with three new colors from 7&P's relaunch - with a code for my readers! 

I don't normally spill too much personal info here, because I know you want to read about nails, not whatever is going on in my life - but I have to say sorry for taking so long between the post and this one. I feel bad, but truth is I have been in a complete funk. This is my second winter in the NorthEast, and it's kicking my southern girl ass. Seriously, I am not designed to function in this sort of polar nightmare! I am aching for it to be Spring...Safe to say Seasonal Affect Disorder is hitting everyone in the family hard. I am also dealing with a pent up 1 year old and my 4 year old step daughter, and between the two of them I have increasingly less time to do my nails! I want to keep writing this blog, but I think I need to scale back the complexity of my posts a bit for a little bit, so I can keep providing the nail polish pics and info to my readers while keeping my sanity. To do this, I've decided to cut the title images for each polish - I love doing them, they have been a great way to express my personal interpretation of the polish, but they take a lot of time and when I have a lot of polishes to swatch, it can be very overwhelming. Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate your continued support!

So pretty... So depressing...

So let's check out the three new colors from 7&P, right? Enough feelings and stuff, let's talk polish!

Kept the Ring is a shimmery red with flashy micro hex in bright blue and red. It's sheer but has good coverage, as seen here with three layers. It's different, I like it!

I love this color! Shifting from orange to cobalt, this polish has a lot of personality. It has fairly chunky iridescent flakes in it, but it layers nicely at two coats. A little work was needed to dab the flakies into place, but the payoff is nice! I used the 7&P smoothing topcoat to help the nail lay smoother. So far this manicure has survived doing the dishes - thumbs up!

 Here are the two topcoats Mitzy sent me - Smoothing and Glass Shine! 

Beyond the sea is a creamy blue base with scattered holo. It's beautiful and a true one coater! In person the rainbow is easy to find, but it hid for my pics - curse this winter haze for masking the sun! Let me reiterate, one coater. I used the Glass Shine topcoat for these pictures.

Make sure you check out 7&P on FB, or the main website, She recently redid everything and it looks beautiful! My readers can also use the code POTIONS30 to recieve 30% off of orders over 50$! You can use the code multiple times for the next 5 days - Hopefully it helps you out! Thanks for reading, glad to be back - check in tomorrow for more polish!

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