Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ruby White Tips : Peekaboo and Boo2

These beautiful polishes are from Ruby White Tip's Bat World collection, a series of polishes based on the adorable bat "celebrities" from Batworld Sanctuaries. Proceeds from the sales of these polishes are donated to help fund food, home and good health!

When I was on my recent trip to visit family I mentioned the Ruby White Tip polishes to my mom, who got very excited - turns out she donates to the Batworld Sanctuary regularly! I got excited because I love bats and here was a way to get some lovely polish AND help out some cute critters! I looked through the selection on the website and had to think long and hard about which two to get - Honestly all the RWT polishes are beautiful and it's a tough decision. Finally I boiled it down to my favorite bats, Peekaboo and Boo2! (Though mister kitty was a close third) Without further ado, the polish!

Boo2 was born in the sanctuary after his mother was rescued from deplorable conditions. As you can tell from the title image, this little bat has a lot of personality - as does the polish based on him! A gorgeous blue with a lovely pink shift, not to mention scattered holo sparkles. Application was super smooth and what you see in pictures is three coats with nothing underneath. It dries slightly matte, but I used my Poshe fast dry topcoat and it dries very smooth and glossy. The formula on this polish is so great, I was grinning during the whole manicure. Because that is the kind of person I am - I get very excited about good formulas!

Next up is my favorite bat from Batworld, Peekaboo!

This sweet girl was only a month old when her elderly mother was rescued, and unfortunately the stress of the whole situation caused her to be abandoned. Luckily she was able to be raised by humans, and now thrives! She likes to catch a ride on volunteer's heads as they feed the rest of the bat colony, while Mister Kitty (her dear friend) wings circles overhead.

Peekaboo is a pink that leans towards purple with beautiful scattered holo glitter. The glitter is really great at capturing the light, and depending on your lighting the base is a cool purple pink or a warm golden pink. Both of these lovely polishes came with an adorable little bat charm and decorative rhinestones on the bottlecap.

I urge you to take a peek at the Batworld Sanctuary page - bats are really great creatures and more care should be taken to keep them safe! If you would like these Ruby White Tips you can check out the Etsy page, or their main website. And as always following them on Facebook will keep you up to date with new releases and announcements! Now that I have tried these two I KNOW I need to get my hands on more... maybe from the Breaking Bad collection next!

Peekaboo and Boo2!

Peekaboo listing
Boo2 listing

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