Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chirality Nail Polish: The Duality of Existence, Part 2/4

I have very fond memories of cruising in my mom's mustang convertible while listening to the Top Gun soundtrack on tape. So when I saw that this was one of the duos in the Chirality Nail Polish collection "The Duality of Existence", I got really psyched! 

It's been a real honor to get to swatch for the makers of Chirality so many times - Jason and Amanda are really fun people, and such an amazing creative duo themselves! This GIF accurately represents how I imagine their relationship to be:

Described as a periwinkle linear holo, this polish is a beautiful shade of blue for Spring. Periwinkle really likes to walk the line between blue and purple to me, not that I mind! Chirality as a brand has pretty much nailed the soft linear holo effect, creating the best dichotomy for a polish in my opinion - delicate but strong. 

Iceman is a shimmering periwinkle blue base with assorted shapes and colors of glitter. I used two dabbed layers over a base coat of Maverick, which worked out as a great base. Iceman really doesn't need a base though, it can be opaque on it's own if you want. The glitter is well balanced and I like the color scheme! 

Thanks for taking the time to read today - I hope you'll tune in again soon! 

Chirality Nail Polish 

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