Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chirality Nail Polish: The Duality of Existence, Part 3

Time for another look at the newest collection from Chirality - this time it's a lovely lavender pair!

One of my favorite parts of Chirality are the awesome stories Jason writes for each polish listing. Here is a sample of the story you can find in the listing for A Major Hero :

" The motorcade pulled onto the dirt road which led to the farm that Victor lived on. 
It had been three weeks since he last saw his home, his family, his normal way of life. He never expected things to turn out the way they did at that building. A part of him still thought he was dreaming. He remembered the guns going off and everyone screaming around him. He remembered each face that wanted him dead. They tried coming for him but he prevailed somehow and took down each one. When everyone came out of that building holding on to each other, Victor remembered how he could barely breath. He became overwhelmed when cops, medical technicians, and reporters swarmed them. He remembered telling a reporter that he just wanted to go home and kiss his wife."

If you like short stories, each and every listing on their Bigcartel has one waiting for you to check out!

A strong lavender looks beautiful with Spring dresses. You can see full loops of rainbow in the right lighting, but even inside this polish has a beautiful sparkle. Application was nice and smooth, opaque in two normal coats. It dried quickly without a topcoat. 

A Weiss Heroine is a beautiful lavender creame based glitter polish. The glitter is bold but well balanced - I really dig the black rectangles! I used two dabbed layers over "Hero" to produce this look, with a thin layer of seche. If you look closely you can see the holographic glitter shining tiny rainbows!

There is still one more pair in my celebration of Chirality's newest collection - please check back in a few days for the last duo in the Duality of Existence!

Chirality Nail Polish

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